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Yvonne cultivated a love of art at an early age, growing up painting, sculpting, and travelling the globe with her mother. Inspired by the pastoral beauty of her grandparent’s farming village in rural Bulgaria, she developed an eye for botanical watercolors, where frequent visits to her uncle’s mountainside home in Austria fostered a life-long penchant for wildlife illustration.

Yvonne graduated from Drew University with a B.A in art history and studio art, then went on to pursue an M.A in educational psychology. While leading a self-designed program for developmentally challenged students, she was given a hand painted Portuguese tile as a teacher’s gift, and grew fascinated with the medium. She soon went on to open her first shop, The Tile Studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. , creating custom tile work for commercial and residential use.

Years later Yvonne began working with watercolors, her favorite medium, as a way to illustrate children’s books. Her goal was to write and illustrate family stories to be passed down through generations and never forgotten. 

Yvonne’s current body of work in watercolors include animal portraiture, home and farm portraits, and book illustration.  Her watercolor, “ Natalie’s First Show “, was recently chosen to be the cover for the List of Exhibitors program at the 2018 Hampton Classic Horse Show.

A percentage of her artwork helps to support several animal welfare organizations, such as CAS ( Catskill Animal Sanctuary ) and OFSDS ( Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary ) through proceeds or fund raising. 

Yvonne is a member of :

The Center for Contemporary Arts 
Garden State Watercolor Society. 
SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

She has exhibited at local shows and corporate galleries.


Original or Commisioned Work
  • 5"x7"    (matted, finished size 8"x10")         $120
  • 8"x10"  (matted, finished size 11"x14")        $200
  • 9"x12"  (matted, finished size 12"x16")       $250
  • 11"x14"  (matted, finished size 16"x20")      $300

*Larger sizes, please consult.

*Please note, these are guideline prices that may vary with additional subjects, buildings, etc. Please email photo(s) here for precise cost. A deposit of $50 is required.

Balance due on completion and your complete Happiness! Your painting will arrive in a premium matte, ready to be framed.

Giclee prints (Archival Quality Prints)
  • 5"x7"    (matted, finished size 8"x10")        $30
  • 8"x10"  (matted, finished size 8"x10")        $40
  • 9"x12"  (matted, finished size 12"x16")       $50
  • 11"x14"  (matted, finished size 16"x20")      $60

*Prints are available on many paintings shown.

 They are sold signed and matted ready to be framed.


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